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Value chain

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Hydrogen produced with electricity from renewable sources is the key element for the energy transition.

Hydrogen is ideal for sector coupling and thus contributes to the defossilization of the energy supply.

Water is becoming increasingly important as a starting material for the production of hydrogen.

Fuel cell and electrolysis technologies can create local value in structurally weak regions.



Usage of renewable energies

Water management and
Water treatment
(e.g. in industry and mining)

Green Hydrogen
Storage and transportation


Hydrogen is the suitable fuel for freight transport and traffic and thus an ideal complement to e-mobility.
Rail transport - Heavy goods transport - Shipping - Aviation - Agriculture - Public transport

Low-CO2 production

In CO2-intensive industries, CO2 emissions can be almost completely avoided with the help of hydrogen technologies.
Steel industry - Lime and cement industry - Chemical industry

High-value products

Using CO2 from industrial processes, value-added products can be produced together with green hydrogen.
Synthetic fuels - Higher-value alcohols and organic valuable materials - Waxes

Electricity and heat

Like natural gas, hydrogen will be an important energy carrier. Using fuel cell technology, it can be used to efficiently generate electricity and heat.
Fuel cell CHP plants - Prime power applications - Process sensors


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