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The Company

The HHydrobis AG was founded in June 2021 as a stock corporation in Germany. With this type of corporation, we want to create the opportunity for investors to participate in our idea as well as benefitting from it. Our ordinary shareholders come from the start-up, sales and science sectors.

General questions

We believe that hydrogen is the ideal (intermediate) storage for green energy. As the production of green electricity fluctuates, due to wind or solar radiation, we see the electrolysis of hydrogen as the ideal technical standard to absorb possible peaks, but also to quickly turn this back into electricity, or even to store it for a long time as hydrogen or e-fuels are being produced.

It makes the most sense to produce where there is enough renewable energy to power water electrolysis.

Like natural gas, hydrogen can be compressed under high pressure or stored in liquid form. Hydrogen gas can be wonderfully stored in pressurized containers and has one decisive strength: it can store energy for months if need be and serve as a reservoir for the fluctuating electricity from solar cells or wind turbines.

During electrolysis, water flows around the membrane.

The membrane is then placed under electrical voltage and protons migrate through the membrane. Hydrogen is formed at the cathode and oxygen at the anode.

Hydrogen weight 0,08988 gr/L.

1 KG hydrogen has 33,- KW/h

1 KG gasoline has 12,- KW/h

1 KG Diesel has 13,5 KW/h

The AEM electrolyzer must be filled with new electrolyte once a year - this can be done by the user after instruction. The service takes about 30 min.

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